a) Can you tell me more about Costumes for Your Eyes?

  • Costumes for Your Eyes is on of only 6 manufacturers of special effect and/or prosthetic contact lenses in the world.
  • If you can dream it up it is quite possible that we can figure a way to make it.
  • Costumes for Your Eyes has made these special contacts for many movies, videos, television productions, rock stars, CD-Rom game film clips, etc.
  • Our prices start at $165.00 per pair and go up from there. Call for specific prices.

    b) What is available?
    Just about anything you can imagine. Call us with your idea

    c) What colors are available?
    Most of the colors that are available in your local paint store can be duplicated on a contact lens.

    d) Will these effects be able to change the color of my eyes even if they are a dark brown color?
    We are able to block off and eye color and replace it with your choice of color.

    e) How well do you see while wearing special effect contact lenses?
    You will se almost the same as you do now for most of the effects.

    f) Do these come with my prescription in them?
    Since we use regular contacts (B&L, Ciba, W/J, Kontur) to create many of these effects, your prescription is likely to be available.

    g) Do you actually make the lens of just take a lens an put the effect on it?
    In most cases we use pre-made lenses (B&L, Ciba, W/J, Kontur etc.), in some cases we actually have to create the lens by hand.

    h) Do we stock these lenses?
    Since everything that we do is custom we do not stock these lenses.

    i) Can I use my existing lenses?
    The answer to this question depends on the effect that you want and the type of lens you are wearing. Different effects require different lens materials and you may or may not be able to use them.

    j) Can you put an effect on disposable lenses?
    In most cases you would not want to use these lenses because they are thinner and can tear easier. Also because of the thinness, less color will be absorbed by the lens making it less effective in your eye.

    k) How do I order these effects?
    1) Decide the exact effect that you want
    2) When you are ready to go see your eye professional, call us and we will send or fax you an order sheet based on that particular effect.
    3) Take this order sheet with you when you go to your doctors office, it will tell your eye professional what they will need to do.
    4) Once these are done, send the result to us.
    5) We will then create the effect.
    6) The finished lenses will be sent back to your eye professional who will show you how to put them in, take care of item and make sure that they are fitting correctly.

    l) How do I pay for them?
    You will pay the amount listed at the bottom of the order sheet to costumes for Your Eyes. any other amounts, charged by your eye professional for the exam, fitting, etc., are to be paid directly to your eye professional.

    m) How do you accept payment?
    Costumes for Your Eyes takes Visa, Discover, American Express, Money Orders, debit Cards, and personal checks. If using a credit card from a foreign country, the credit card company will convert your money into American Dollars.

    n) Are there shipping charges?
    There are no extra shipping charges inside the U.S.A. For orders to be shipped outside the U.S.A., please call us for a price. All orders are shipped by UPS ground or ike transport unless otherwise requested. Please call us for rate quotes and availability.

    o) Do we only make weird lenses?
    We also make medically related contact lenses as well. these include prosthetic lenses (for eye injuries, defects resulting from surgery, etc.). We also make occluder lenses for both children and adults.

    p) Are these effects made from either soft or hard lenses?
    Different effects require different materials, so we us either type of lens material which is determined by the materials required to produce the effect. Call us for info about the particular effect in which you are interested.

    q) How long does it take to make the effect that I want?
    Different effects require different amounts of time to produce. they can take any where from 6 days to 8 weeks depending on how complex the effect is to create. Please call us for delivery times. the closer to Halloween (in the USA), the longer the time will take to create an effect.

    r) Are there cutoff dates for holidays?
    The busiest time of the year is the Halloween season in the USA. All effects requiring delivery by Halloween are cut-off 10 days before this holiday, although some effects are cut off much earlier than that. Please call for cut-off dates.

    s) Are these all the effects that we can do?
    No, our ability is just about limitless. If you have an idea for an effect, please call us and we can tell you if it is possible. remember, that which was impossible last year, may be be possible this year or in the future.

    t) Where are these effects made?
    Costumes for Your Eyes is headquartered in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. If you are in our area, please feel free to stop in and say hello. You might see even more unusual effects.

    u) Do we make anything other than contact lenses?
    No, Costumes for Your Eyes only focus is on special effect, prosthetic, and occluder contact lenses.

    v) Do we only make these for the film/theatre industry?
    No, we make them for everyone. Obviously, there are numerous uses for these lenses outside of these industries and many people want their costume to be different then everyone else.

    w) Are these the same as Wild Eyes?
    These effects are totally different than Wild Eyes. While Wesley Jessen/Ciba makes a good contact lens, our effects are created on many different types of contact lenses. this allows for a much larger range of prescriptions and fitting parameters. Also , the wild Eyes are printed in a pattern much like the old Dot Matrix printers for computers. This type of printing allows some of you natural eye color to show through, diluting the effect. Also because they are mass produced, the number of effects available, as well as the prescriptions available are limited. Because we us almost all lenses, your prescription is likely to be available no matter how strong it is.

    x) Can we do effects on Wild Eyes lenses?
    There are some effects which can be done on Wild Eyes lenses. Please call us with your ideas and we can let you know if it is possible.

    y) What are our newest effects?
    Because people call us with ideas all of the time, we are constantly coming up with new contact lenses. Please watch this site for further developments.

    z) How can we call Costumes for Your Eyes?
    Our number for use in Minnesota and overseas is 651-445-9795
    Our toll-free number for use in the USA and Canada is 800-284-2623

  • 6175 Cahill Avenue East #101 | Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota 55076 Local: 651-455-9795 | Toll Free: 800-284-2623